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Introduction to Rolex Headquarter

000Rolex headquarter is located in Acacias. Little known to the outside, Acacias is the core of decision-making. All wrist watches were born here, from assembling, tests, and distribution, the origin of Rolex’s legend.

Acacias is the central hub of replica watches uk. Since the establishment of Rolex, the area is regard as the forbidden zone of high-end watches. Only did some European professional media luckily enter it to have look. As the strategic status of China region in high-end watch market the rises, we are honored to have this opportunity to pay a visit and unveil the secret of it. At present, global Rolex factory is divided into four parts: Acacias, Plan-les-Quates, Chene-Bourg and Bienne. Each part has its own responsibility and a symbol of the famous brand. We have already visited many Swiss high-ranking watch brand expect rolex replica watches uk. So we cannot emphasize the importance of this tour too much.

When we get off the bus, a grand green transparent glass building comes to view. As a senior watch fans, 116400 GV Milgauss instantly occur to me. As a matter of fact, in 1919, when the found father Hans Wilsdor moved from London to Geneva, until 1965, to Acacias, the existing base, a total reorganization had taken place in 2006. Consecutively, in 2007 the factory has expanded with an area of 13,000 square meters and five floors as the same we see today.

A diverse department can be clearly defined and separated. Acacias headquarter consists of administration department, marketing department and as well as the terminal of assembling watches, where all parts and element such as bracelet , movement, and panel and so gather. Watchmakers in the same assembling line have different tasks and divided into several teams. Each team is responsible for the complete assembling of a mode including the preparation and the tests afterwards. Interestingly, the movement won’t be equipped into the watch once produced, because it has to be checked by COSO and certificated. Above all, it will be sent back to the factory, scanned to restore the number which is far different from other watch factory.

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